Facebook Cover Timeline Guide

This is step y step tutorial to make cover on FacePlusCovers.com become your facebook cover.

  • Go to one cover you choose. You may use search form on above to find best cover by your interest keyword. For example, you want to use Juventus Logo Cover on http://www.facepluscovers.com/juventus-logo-cover/
  • Press “1st step to make this as cover” button.
    FaceBook Cover Button
  • Press “Go to App” button.
    Go to FacePlusCover App Button
  • Press “Allow” button.
    Allow FacePlusCover Apps
  • Press “2nd step to make this as cover” button.
    FcePlusCover Facebook Cover Apps
  • Click “Finish and Preview on Facebook” button.
    Last Step to Make FacePlusCover as Facebook Cover
  • Last step, click “Save Changes” button on your facebook account.
    Last Step to make FacePlusCovers as FaceBook Cover

If this is not first time you use FacePlusCovers, you only need two step make this as cover. Just click 1st step to make this as cover button and click Finish and Preview on Facebook button. That is!!

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